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With The ERIC Method™️
With The ERIC Method™️ 
  Apply For Our Exclusive Partner Program To get the exact method We Use to attract Exclusive Real-Time Injury Cases Consistently. Stop wasting your valuable time and money...and don't just throw money at google and facebook and hope it works.
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 Apply For Our Exclusive Partner Program to get the exact method we use to attract and convert the higher-paying cases for legal firms. Stop wasting your valuable time and money...and stop throwing money at google and facebook and hope it works.

 The ERIC Method™️:  Elevate To Create Change
  Exclusive PI Partner Program 
Elevate to Create Change 
Stressed Attorney Or NeW Generation Lawyer...
which one are you?
So... You want to attract more qualified injury case leads, but so does every other Personal Injury Attorney out there.

 But here is the real problem...you stay at the office way too late. You are overwhelmed, stressed and your personal well-being is in shambles. You are hoping and wishing you are going to get "The Case" that is going to put you on the path to building the law practice of your dreams. Except that case never comes... so you then....

 Begin to question if you made the right decision... You spent all those years in law school burning the midnight oil so when you pass the bar and own your own practice you can make a comfortable income, prestige and gain respect... BUT no one mentioned the challenges that come from owning your own practice.... You now realize achieving a work life balance is getting harder and harder... You have come to the conclusion you need to figure this out and fast! 

 By now you are well aware there are hundreds of other attorneys out there competing for the same thing...NEW CASES.... You might get some referrals here and there from bigger firms, but it seems like the cases you are getting are more work and are the least profitable. You might rely on word of mouth, which are great, but it isn't consistent, and you are left with uncertainty of the next big opportunity. You might even attempt to buy leads from vendors... that are cold, stale, low quality, not exclusive and you are left spinning your wheels. It seems like you are expending all this energy and time with minimal results. 

 Where are you going to be 1 year from now if you continue down this path? You're probably thinking "the same place"....Wrong... you are going to be worst off, because you have wasted more time and money...AND you are getting further and further away from your goals. 

 Luckily for you, there's a solution...The ERIC Method™️... attracts exclusive real-time injury cases, helps you convert the leads into you cases... which means your stress level is going to go way way down. 

 The ERIC Method™️... 
 😀Saves You Time & Money... because it only targets the people that are looking for your services right now which means you can feel secure knowing where your next case is going to come from.

 😀Relieves stress and anxiety from your life… because you NOW have a proven system that makes it seamless for new clients consultation consistently...created more mental clarity, peace and you will be able to have time to do things that you love doing...not just work, work work...

 😀Autonomy... because you don’t have to rely on other attorneys to cherry pick their cases before they give you the less profitable ones.. Which means you have more control of what kind of cases you take.

 😀Freedom... to choose...what clients you want to work with...which means having a CHOICE in how you want your life to look like.. having freedom and flexibility to do, be and have more of what you desire. 

 😀Joy… because you won’t stress about where you next cases is going come from...which means you instantly have the emotional and mental clarity to focus on things that matter to you the most. All aspects of your life will blossom automatically..bringing more joy into your life. 

 😀Creates Affluence... because you actually have a proven follow-up system that engages with the leads that you attract, builds trust and rapport making you the logical choice when clients need an injury lawyer...which means you create the income that you want.
Gain A Competitive Advantage
The ERIC Method
The ERIC Method™️ 
Right now, The ERIC Method™️ is giving PI Attorneys just like you a competitive advantage in their market. They know something others do not know, and are leveraging to sign-on higher-paying cases for their law firm. 

The ERIC Method™️ is not like any other marketing out there. The ERIC Method™️ uses a proven and tested method to connect and convert your ideal client consistently month after month. 
" The Secret to Attracting Your Ideal Client Without Relying only on Referrals"
Video Explains: 

👉🏽New & Powerful AI Technology: Knows who is in market looking for your legal representation right now... then engages and nurtures them...building trust...making you the logical choice to represent them ... which means...you will be able to help more of your ideal clients...and increase your revenue.

👉🏽Be First: So you can engage and talk to your ideal clients way before your ideal clients reach your competitors sites...which means you can get the better injury cases and make more money.

👉🏽Proven Follow-Up Method: So you can Avoid the #1 Mistake most PI Attorney make when they start marketing their law firm... this will save you tons of time, effort and money....which means you'll increase your law firms' bottom line, focus on winning cases... while boosting your revenue goals.  

THe ERIC Method™️
The Perfect Solution To 
Increase Your Law Firm's Profits..
" Avoid the #1 Mistake most PI Attorney make when they start buying leads... Stop Wasting Your Time and Money ".
Implement The The ERIC Method
for Your Law Firm So You Can ...
👉🏽Make More Money:  You will be relaxed and feel secure and able to provide better service to your existing clients and be able to charge more in the near future.

👉🏽Work life Balance: You will attract minimum pre-qualified every single month, and have a team behind you that has the proven method- so you don't have to worry and stress out about where your next case is going to come from ever again.  

👉🏽Win More Cases For Your Clients: You shouldn't have to be worried about not having clients to serve, your #1 thing concern should be winning cases for your clients...because isn't that one of the reasons why you wanted to become a lawyer in the first place...to fight for people, make an impact on the world and help enrich the lives of others.

👉🏽Save Money: It will save you money in the long run because you are not relying on other attorneys for referrals, because we both know they keep the best cases for themselves and give you the ones the don't want.

👉🏽Save Time: You don’t have to struggle with figuring it out on your own how to get your next case we streamline the whole process for you. You can start seeing results in as little as 30 days. 

👉🏽Spend More Quality Time With Your Loved Ones: We will automate everything for you, so you don't have to stay at the office past 10pm every night and be able to go home and have quality fun time. 

" Go From From A Stressed Attorney To New Generation Lawyer"
Client Results: Personal Injury Attorney in L.A 
Before The ERIC Method™️ Law Firm In L.A  were buying leads for their law firm from a lead generation company, paying premium price however the same problem occurred. The leads were not their ideal client and they didn't have a proven follow-up system to engage with the leads that they were getting. They were losing money, they were getting frustrated having to pay high prices for leads and spinning their wheels not making consistent progress. 

The system that they were using was good, and very common in the industry. Paying high prices for leads, not sure if those leads are being resold to other law firms AND did not know how to follow-up with the leads properly.  

After implementing The ERIC Method™️ these were their results 👉🏽

The ERic method™️
The Perfect Solution To 
Increase Your Law Firm's Profits..
Client Results: Personal Injury Attorney in Texas
Before The ERIC Method this Law Firm In Texas were getting some opportunities, however the leads were sporadic, some months were really busy and the next month would be super slow. 

Their method was unreliable, they were referral only law firm before, and they knew they needed to implement something that was consistent and reliable. 

After implementing The ERIC Method™️ these were their results 👉🏽

The ERic Method™️
attract better injury cases Even if you tried it before and failed.
"Implement The ERIC Method™️ So You Can Focus on what you do best -Winning Cases For Clients"
Why I do.
what i do.
Deni Mariscal
Law Firm Growth Consultant:  I left a career in Criminal Justice to start my own consulting agency. I wanted to create transformation in people's lives through the work that I love doing.

It has been a passion of mine to figure out a way to provide value for my clients. Help them achieve their goals while making a profitable living doing it. 

Isn't that what life is about? Doing what you love, being of service, having fun and living your life with purpose.

Why I do.
what i do.
3 Key things I learned while working with Legal Practice Owners:

👉🏽 Most PI Attorneys are not sure how to have a consistent flow of injury leads and were relying on unreliable methods. 
​👉🏽 Many PI Attorneys are paying outrageous amounts of money for Injury leads, but weren't sure where the leads were coming from AND if the leads were exclusive to them or being resold. 

👉🏽 ​Some PI Attorneys are getting consistent Injury Leds, but were not optimizing on the lead opportunities because they did not have a proven follow-up system that converted. 

I wanted to solve this problem because it was a common frustration with the industry as a whole. If you experience any of those frustrations mentioned above, you may want to see for yourself if The ERIC Method™️ is right for your law firm by booking a 15-Minute FREE Discovery Call. 
" The Proven Method To Attract Better Injury Cases Consistently"
Where Do you 
See Yourself...
Deni is truly a JOY to work with! Her combination of smarts, kindness, skills and humor set her apart. We are presently building massive success and it is DIRECTLY as a result of her skill set, mindset and will set. I can’t thank her enough for the success she has put in motion for me!
Dr. Foster Malmed
The Redox Chiro 
New York 
We got a ton of attention working with Deni - bringing in new patients effortlessly. Our existing patients love our new systems, and new patients find us easily. To sum it up, she is a gem.
Dr. Jae Reed
Azure Sky Chiropractic
San Francisco
I absolutely have to give my highest remarks for Deni, her passion and her aggression in marketing our business. Not only does she do amazing work, she keeps you informed and proves herself by priding herself in her work. I absolutely recommend if you have marketing needs, contact Deni. She will blow your expectations away by exceeding them.
Dr.  Tim Ursich Jr. 
Marina Sports Medicine
Los Angeles
"Don't ever worry about not having enough cases ever again" 
Now By this point you may be wondering...
How do i apply for the exclusive PI partner program?
👉🏽ACTION STEP 1: Apply for our Certified Personal Injury Attorney Partner Program. Once you submit your application we go over the questionnaire... you will then be confirmed for a 15-Minute Discovery Call. If you are not a good fit, your appointment will be canceled. 

👉🏽ACTION STEP 2 : If we are a good fit to work together, we then get on a 15- Discovery Call to so we can figure out what is holding you back from achieving your revenue goals.

👉🏽Action Step 3: If we think you are a good fit for our Partner Program you will invited to a 30-Minute Strategy call which then we discuss benchmarks, goals, road map, expectations and investment.  

👉🏽ACTION STEP 4: If we decide to move forward. We then have a kick-off call with you or your intake department, paralegal, and/or other staff. We will go over expectations, work scope and timeline. 

👉🏽ACTION STEP 5: From the kick-off call, It usually takes about 7-10 business days for us to build your campaign(s). You should start seeing results immediately after the campaign goes live, and within the benchmarks, we agreed on for the month and beyond. 
Is NOT for everybody. Implementing THE ERIC Method™️ is only for the Attorney who are serious about growing their law practice.

What this means is that it takes a certain level mindset, identity, commitment and focus...to go from a stressed attorney to  a Successful Lawpreneur. 

With our large ad spend and thousands upon thousands of ad impressions, and data driven technology we have been able to optimize and refine advertising for law firms. That means you will get a lower cost-per-lead. Maximizing your marketing budget. AND also... maximize every lead with our iron clad follow-up method. 

The ERIC Method™️ is for Lawpreneurs who are ready and committed to growing their business. 

Not all Attorneys who apply will be Accepted. We have limited spots, and we do this because we only like working with certain experts in the field. 
The ERIC Method is owned & operated by Hazlo Ventures LLC. 
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