Lawyers Have You Fully Considered How
Your life would be different 
if you already attracted 
better accident cases 
on Demand? 
Discover how using my proprietary framework called The ERIC Method™️ will in fact, 
help you attract more of your ideal cases so you can help more people while making a 
profitable income doing what you love...Guaranteed.
Finally, get access to the proven method that successful law practices have 
been using to sign-on high paying injury cases month after month... 
  Finally, get access to the proprietary framework called the The ERIC Method™️ that successful law practices have been using to consistently sign-on high paying injury cases month after month. Guaranteed. 
 The ERIC Method™️:  Attract Your Ideal Cases, Help More People, & Make A Profitable Income doing what You love.
  The ERIC Method™️ 
 Attract Your Ideal Cases, Help More People, & Make A Profitable Income Doing What You Love.
Stressed Attorney Or
which one are you?
 If you are truly serious about building a profitable and long-term injury       practice you are going to love The ERIC Method™️ because it's going to   help you sign-on better cases for your law practice...

 You may or may not have realized that being a great lawyer   doesn't translate to making a great living, right?

 Here is the truth...70% of attorneys struggle financially despite having   spent 1000’s of dollars on becoming a skilled attorney at law.

 Another truth is being a lawyer and marketing your legal practice use   two separate skill sets. Sadly, law school didn’t fully equip you to   advertise your law firm properly.

 The thing is you should be spending your time in your zone of genius and that is practicing law not marketing your law firm.

 I get it. I have spent 1000’s of dollars on my education...and in the   beginning of my entrepreneurial journey...I made a lot of costly mistakes   and wasted a ton of time...

 There came a point in my business where I had to decide...what was more   important...continue to stay stuck and try to do it all alone or hire someone   to help me hit my business goals faster...

 That is why I created The ERIC Method™️ to shorten the learning curve   for you...because I believe that there are people out there that need your   help...and victims deserve to have the best legal representation available. 

 The ERIC Method™️... helps you attract exclusive real-time injury cases on demand and with predictability... which means you are going to help more   people, while making a profitable income doing what you love.

 In fact here are just a few of the Major Benefits you’ll get when you   implement The ERIC Method™️:
  😀Benefit 1: Makes you money... because it only targets and pre-qualifies the people that need your legal services the most... which means... you will have first pick on fresh new cases in your local area in turn, you'll help more people and increase revenue for law practice...

  😀Benefit 2: Saves you time you will stop getting unqualified leads and start getting qualified exclusive injury leads consistently... which means you no longer have to waste your time calling lead generation companies and asking for a credit back to your account.

  😀Benefit 3: Creates Authority... because you now have an end-to-end guaranteed method that can ethical track who is looking for your unique legal service in real-time and first...which means this advantage will make your competition irrelevant.

 😀Benefit 4: Autonomy & Freedom... imagine where your life & business will be in 12 months when you have a pipeline consistently full with injury cases... you now will be able to hire associates so they can do the hard work for you..which means you will have increased flexibility and the freedom to spend time with your family, and do more of the things you love.

So by now it's obvious that you are realizing if you can't attract FRESH NEW CASES for your law's going not going to be easy to build and grow a wildly lucrative practice...and sooner or later you are going to get tired of losing cases to your competitors...

If you are a Successful Lawpereneur who is serious about helping more people and who wants to make more money. Take the 30-second Law Firm Growth Marketing Analysis Now. You just can't afford not to. 
Gain A Competitive Advantage
The ERIC Method
The ERIC Method™️ 
Right now, The ERIC Method™️ is giving Successful New Generation Lawyers just like you a competitive advantage in their market. They know something others do not know, and are leveraging to sign-on higher-paying cases for their law firm. 

The ERIC Method™️ is not like any other marketing out there. The ERIC Method™️ uses a proven and tested method to attract your ideal cases consistently month after month. 
" The Secret to Attracting Your Ideal Cases Without Wasting Money on Outdated Marketing Strategies."
Video Explains: 
Powerful New Method: Knows exactly who is in market looking for your legal representation right now...which means you will be the 'go-to' personal injury attorney in your local area.

Be First: This method ethically tracks who is online looking for an injury lawyer in your local area in real time...which means you will get first pick on all the new accident cases...making your competition irrelevant.

Sign-On More Cases: An end to end marketing method helps you seamlessly book more appointments by follow-up with all of the leads for you...which means you'll finally have a proven system to book appointments and sign-on fresh new accident cases with predictability.

Results Guaranteed: We are so confident we can get you results, benchmarks are guaranteed. We will even spend our own money until we get you the results we agree on, month after month.
THe ERIC Method™️
The Perfect Solution To 
Increase Your Law Firm's Profits... GUARANTEED.
" Become the 'Go-to' Injury Lawyer in Your Local Area ".
The ERIC Method™️
for Your Law Firm So You Can ...
👉🏽Save Money:  You will know down to the day and dollar amount how your case acquisition strategy will will have a proven method to attract more of your ideal cases. Guaranteed.

👉🏽Make More Money: You will have and end-to-end proven method to attract pre-qualified cases month after month... you never have to worry about where your next case is going to come. 

👉🏽Save Time: You don’t have to struggle figuring it how to get cases on your own. You will get the proven method that successful law practices have been using to sign-on the higher paying cases consistently. 

" Go from Stressed Attorney To Succesful Lawpreneur "
Client Results: Personal Injury Attorney in L.A 
Before The ERIC Method™️ Law Firm In L.A  were buying leads for their law firm from a lead generation company, paying premium price however the same problem occurred. The leads were not their ideal client and they didn't have a proven follow-up system to engage with the leads that they were getting. They were losing money, they were getting frustrated having to pay high prices for leads and spinning their wheels not making consistent progress. 

The system that they were using was good, and very common in the industry. Paying high prices for leads, not sure if those leads are being resold to other law firms AND did not know how to follow-up with the leads properly.  

After implementing The ERIC Method™️ these were their results 👉🏽

The ERic method™️
The Perfect Solution To 
Increase Your Law Firm's Profits..
Client Results: Personal Injury Attorney in Texas
Before The ERIC Method this Law Firm In Texas were getting some opportunities, however the leads were sporadic, some months were really busy and the next month would be super slow. 

Their method was unreliable, they were referral only law firm before, and they knew they needed to implement something that was consistent and reliable. 

After implementing The ERIC Method™️ these were their results 👉🏽

The ERic Method™️
attract better injury cases Even if you tried it before and failed.
more client results...
26 Cases in 90 Days
Cost Per Lead $51.28
9 Cases in 8 weeks
Cost Per Lead $28.49
3 Cases in 5 weeks
Cost Per Lead $25.23
"Implement The ERIC Method™️ So You Can Focus on what you do best -Win Cases For Clients"
Why I do.
what i do.
Deni Mariscal
Law Firm Growth Consultant:  I believe victims should get the best service and legal representation available... that is why I am passionate about connecting victims with the lawyers that need them the most.

I left a career in Criminal Justice to start my own marketing consulting agency helping Personal Injury Lawyers and Law Firms serve more people authentically.

Why? Because the general public looks at personal injury attorneys as “ambulance chasers”.

There are huge stereotypes Personal Injury Attorneys have to overcome. They often struggle to connect on a personal level in their marketing, despite the huge benefits they can bring to their clients.
Why I do.
what i do.
The 3 Key things I learned while working with Law Practice Owners:

👉🏽 Most PI Attorneys are not sure how to have a consistent flow of injury leads and were relying on unreliable methods. 
​👉🏽 Many PI Attorneys are paying outrageous amounts of money for Injury leads, but weren't sure where the leads were coming from AND if the leads were exclusive to them or being resold. 

👉🏽 ​Some PI Attorneys are getting consistent Injury Leds, but were not optimizing on the lead opportunities because they did not have a proven follow-up system that converted. 

I wanted to solve this problem because it was a common frustration with the industry as a whole. If you experience any of those frustrations mentioned above, you may want to see for yourself if The ERIC Method™️ is right for your law firm by booking a 15-Minute FREE Discovery Call. 
" The Proven Method To Attract Better Injury Cases Consistently"
Where Do you 
See Yourself...
Deni is truly a JOY to work with! Her combination of smarts, kindness, skills and humor set her apart. We are presently building massive success and it is DIRECTLY as a result of her skill set, mindset and will set. I can’t thank her enough for the success she has put in motion for me!
Dr. Foster Malmed
The Redox Chiro 
New York 
We got a ton of attention working with Deni - bringing in new patients effortlessly. Our existing patients love our new systems, and new patients find us easily. To sum it up, she is a gem.
Dr. Jae Reed
Azure Sky Chiropractic
San Francisco
I absolutely have to give my highest remarks for Deni, her passion and her aggression in marketing our business. Not only does she do amazing work, she keeps you informed and proves herself by priding herself in her work. I absolutely recommend if you have marketing needs, contact Deni. She will blow your expectations away by exceeding them.
Dr.  Tim Ursich Jr. 
Marina Sports Medicine
Los Angeles
Deni helped set up our website and helped our 
business grow through her marketing and 
business skills. Deni is very easy to work with and 
is very knowledgeable in her expertise. 
Any business will surely grow with her help!
Esther Kang, ESQ.
Attorney at Law
Bay Area, California
"Don't Ever Worry About Not Having Enough Cases Ever Again" 
Now By this point you may be wondering...
How do i apply for the Eric method™️?
👉🏽ACTION STEP 1: Take The 30-Second Law Firm Growth Marketing Analysis... Then apply for our Certified Partner Program. Once you submit your application we go over the questionnaire... you will then be confirmed for a 15-Minute Discovery Call. If you are not a good fit, your appointment will be canceled. 

👉🏽ACTION STEP 2 : If we are a good fit to work together, we then get on a 15- Discovery Call to so we can figure out what is holding you back from achieving your revenue goals.

👉🏽ACTION STEP 3: If we think you are a good fit for our Partner Program you will invited to a 30-Minute Strategy call which then we discuss benchmarks, goals, road map, expectations and investment.  

👉🏽ACTION STEP 4: If we decide to move forward. We then have a kick-off call with you or your intake department, paralegal, and/or other staff. We will go over expectations, work scope and timeline. 

👉🏽ACTION STEP 5: From the kick-off call, It usually takes about 7-10 business days for us to build your campaign(s). You should start seeing qualified injury leads 72 hours from when the campaign goes live.
Is NOT for everybody. Implementing THE ERIC Method™️ is only for the Attorney who are serious about growing their law practice.

What this means is that it takes a certain level mindset, identity, commitment and go from a stressed attorney to a Successful Lawpreneur.

With our large ad spend and thousands upon thousands of ad impressions, and data driven technology we have been able to optimize and refine advertising for law firms. That means you will get a lower cost-per-lead. Maximizing your marketing budget. AND also... maximize every lead with our iron clad follow-up method. 

The ERIC Method™️ is for New Generation Lawyers who are ready and committed to growing their business. 

Not all Attorneys who apply will be Accepted. We have limited spots, and we do this because we only like working with certain experts in the field. 
The ERIC Method is owned & operated by Hazlo Ventures LLC. 
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